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Facebook data on 533 million users posted online

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Today while I was browsing through the internet I saw this tweet by Alon Gal. It points out the leak of user data from Facebook. Catalin Cimpanu, at The Record, also reported that he reviewed samples of the leaked data. As per ‘The Record’ the Information leaked today includes Facebook ID numbers, profile names, email addresses, location information, gender details, job data, and anything else users might have entered in their profiles.

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The data is currently being offered in 106 separate download packages, with the data split on a per-country basis.

The hacker created a Telegram bot allowing users to query the database for a low fee, enabling people to find the phone numbers linked to a very large portion of Facebook accounts. 

With the data now entering the public domain, there is a real danger that this information will now be widely disseminated across low-skilled cyber criminals that may abuse it for email or SMS spam, robocalls, extortion attempts, threats, harassment, and more. 

Below is a breakdown of the data, per country, as provided by the leaker.

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